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Port 25 Blocking

What, exactly, is blocked?
Direct Communications blocks outbound port 25 for residential-level customers with the exception of
Why is Direct Communications blocking Port 25?
Many Internet viruses spread through e-mail on unattended computers. This block of Port 25 stops any spammers, malicious software or bots attempting to send mail from your PC.

How do I go about getting Port 25 Opened?
Firstly, if you are operating outbound mail servers or sytems that need to have Port 25 access, you should be on a business acccount for us to serve you properly and take care of your technical support needs.
Please download, print and complete the Port 25 Request form. Bring it into a DirectCom retail location, fax it to 208 548 9911, email a signed copy to [email protected], or mail to Direct Communications Tech Support, PO Box 270, Rockland, ID 83271.
We will review your needs and contact you with more instructions.
I use a hosted domain from another company and I have their SMTP mail server set up in my e-mail program. Does this disable me from using my e-mail address? Will all my e-mails now say [email protected]?
No and no. You can still use a hosted domain and keep your same e-mail address. The SMTP server change to is virtually invisible to others.
Will I notice that Port 25 is blocked?
Possibly. If your e-mail program’s SMTP setting is not you may get an error when sending mail. Just change the SMTP setting to This setting is typically found in your e-mail program’s account set-up or options area. Changing this setting will not change your e-mail address or delivery of your mail, even if you don’t use a e-mail address.
I have a Hotmail account. Does this mean I have to use a e-mail address?
No. The blocked Port described above just changes which e-mail server your program uses. Leave any POP3 settings in place. If you use a browser to get Hotmail, you won’t need to make any changes.
I’m a computer specialist and I run my own mail server from my home. Will I have issues with Port 25 Blocking?
Probably since this affects all residential-level accounts. You will need to submit a PORT 25 Qualification Application to obtain an exception before we will permit this type of server access.
How do I go about changing my SMTP settings?
Open the email properties for your email account within your email client. Change your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server to


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