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Safe Surfing For Kids
Keeping your kids safe while they enjoy the benefits of the internet
Are your kids at risk online?
Fact: 1 in 4 children had unwanted exposure to pornography over the internet last year.
Fact: Only 1/3 of the households with Internet access are proactively protecting their children with filtering or blocking software -Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Fact: One in five U.S. teenagers who regularly log on to the Internet say they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation via the Web. (Crimes Against Children Research Center)

The internet gives every family instant access to a wealth of information not even kings or presidents could have dreamed of a few years ago. Like all media, there are risks associated with the great benefits of using this information conduit. While children need a certain amount of privacy, they also require parental supervision when learning to use this powerful tool effectively and safely. The same general parenting skills used in real world situations should also apply to cyberspace. Use the Internet with your kids. While you're spending time with them, you can help them to be safe and responsible online.  Here are a few areas to warn your children about:

Acceptable and Unacceptable websites: Teach your kids what they can do if they land on inappropriate web sites. Filtering software can help, but cannot keep out every inappropriate website.

Instant messenger: Many kids use IM for social networking and interaction, and need to know it is unacceptable to give out personal information on IM, since the communications are not encrypted and anyone outside the conversation could mead your messages. Do not allow them to add unknown users to their contact lists.

Chat Rooms: Block chat rooms if you are concerned about the dangers of sexual predators using chat rooms to gain access to your kids. Makes sure they never give out personal information in chat rooms and never arrange to meet anyone they meet in a chat room.

Downloading content: Most spy ware is loaded onto your computer while downloading. Talk to your kids about piracy and copyright issues, and perhaps have them ask you before installing any downloaded programs or executable files.

Activity Logs: Your filtering software and computer can record internet sessions in a log file. Let your kids know that you will be checking those files periodically.

Internet History: Simply pressing CRL+H in Internet Explorer will give you a history of the websites visited by that computer user the past 20 days by default. Let your tech savvy teens know they may not delete the history if they want computer privileges.

Direct Communications offers a content filter via proxy server. Call 208 548 2345 for instructions on how to set that up filter on your home computer for only $1.50 per month.

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While Direct Communications is no longer offering our in-house content filtering server to new customers, we recommend using OpenDNS, which is the leading provider of Internet navigation and security
■Ultra-reliable, globally-distributed network
■Industry-leading Web content filtering
■Easy to use for families, schools, and businesses of all sizes
There is a free version for families.

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