Why Did My Phone Bill Go Up?

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Why Did My Phone Bill Go Up?

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If you are a Direct Communications customer in Eagle Mountain who still pays for a phone, you probably noticed today that your phone bill increased between $4 to $5 this month. This increase was effective July 1, 2017. Notifications were included in the bill for the past two months, but we realize that most people rarely take the time to read through billing notifications. So–here’s the deal:

The FCC increased the minimum telephone rate for regulated companies like ours throughout the USA to $18. This means that all regulated companies in the USA need to charge at least $18 for phone service delivered over a federally-supported network. This increase was approved by the Utah PSC, but comes from the federal government. This change represented most of the increase you saw on your phone bill this month.

The other taxes and fees that increased at the same time were the Federal USF charge, the Federal ARC charge, and all this in turn affected the overall state and federal sales tax on your bill.

What to do about it?

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