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Direct Communications is proud to offer registered public IP addresses to all internet customers subscribing to speeds of at least 100Mbps as a free value-added feature. An IP address is your computer’s identity on the Internet. A real public IP address will increase your online performance, online gaming experience, and is more customizable and versatile. Security features are also enhanced. (On the other hand, customers of most wireless ISPs that only offer private IP’s, which means their IP addresses are fictional, and only exist on the local ISPs network, will typically experience more problems online because their addresses are often shared with other customers, resulting in incorrect routing, latency, and slowness accessing external sites online.)

If you need a true public IP, please make sure you are subscribing to at least our 100 Mbps tier speed. Customers on the starter speed package (50Mbps) will automatically be assigned a private IP, which will change from time to time on our network.

Please note: We made a slight change to our IP features in early 2018 due to the growing worldwide shortage of IPv4 addresses. Customers on our starter package now automatically are assigned only private dynamic IP addresses. In the past, every one of our customers automatically received public IP addresses, which are usually only a premium feature on most other ISP networks. In the past, as a small company, we were able to provide everyone with public IPs, which offer a great advantage to gamers especially because they don’t change very often. However, as Eagle Mountain has grown, and IPv4 addresses have become extremely scarce with over 4 billion people now online globally, we can no longer afford to do give everyone a free public IP address. So now in order to preserve public IPs for our customers who really value and want them, we have turned to the great principle of American free market economics. To get a public IP, customers will either need to upgrade to a package above our starter speed, or add a static IP address to their subscription.
If you fall into the group of customers who value an unchanging IP address,  the easy solution is to upgrade your speed to anything above the starter package in order to get your free public IP again.
Want better WiFi with your luxury fiber Internet connection? Check out our new Gigacenter–the super fiber router. 

We also offer static IP to customers for $15 a month, which are fully customizable at a customer’s request. All business-rate accounts include one free static IP address upon request. If you need more than one Static IP to host your business applications, call and ask for Ben Hayes for subnet pricing.

Subnet Pricing

# of IPs Price Classification
1 $15 no subnet required
8 custom  /29 subnet required if customer is issued more than 1 IP address
16 custom  /28
32 custom  /27
64 custom  /26
128 custom  /25


If customer orders more than 1 IP address, they will automatically be issued a subnet and purchase minimum of 8 IP’s.(Smallest size subset we can issue is 8 IP addresses)
Any request for more than 1 IP address will be a custom quote depending on size and needs of the business.
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