Why Did my Phone Bill Go Up in February?

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Why Did my Phone Bill Go Up in February?

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Ephone Bundle Customers: If you are still subscribing to emergency phone service (ephone) and you are wondering why your bill just went up, please note this email we sent out last month on Jan 13, 2018.

(If you are already an Internet-only/Simplifiber subscriber, there was no change to your monthly bill.)


On Feb 1, 2018, the price for the ephone plus Internet service bundle will increase by over $13 per month. Each year the FCC has mandated price increases to all regulated telephone services, until today, the ephone is now about the same price as regular unlimited local phone service.

The good news is that there are now far better value options for you to choose. To avoid the price increase, switch to all new SimpliFiber!

No phone required. No phone taxes. Just 100% pure, all-natural, fiber optic broadband.

You will get nearly double the speed for less money.

The better choice for home phone service now is our NEW Digital Voice, which includes unlimited local and unlimited long distance calling *(within the Continental USA) for only $15 a month. Plus, you avoid having to pay all the high taxes associated with traditional land line phone. You can even keep your existing ephone number.

Click here to upgrade now, or go to directcom.com/eaglemtn and click on the Simplifiber banner.

You can also call us at 801 789 2800, or chat with us on our homepage to complete your upgrade before the price increase on Feb 1.

Thanks for choosing your local fiber optic provider.


Your friends at Direct Communications.

*Please note: Once submitted, your upgrade service order may take up to 3 days to complete, due to current high demand.
**$25 installation fee for Digital Voice Service.  Gigacenter fiber router subscription also required for Directcom Digital Voice Service.
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