Our Winter Flood

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Our Winter Flood

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Over the New Year weekend the Direct Communications main office building in the Ranches experienced a flood due to a overhead sprinkler pipe that froze and burst in the ceiling. Within 15 minutes before employees and the Fire Department arrived on scene to respond to the fire sprinkler flow alarm, over 6000 gallons of water had flooded the ground floor of the building. Although the business office was temporarily unusable due to the flood waters, Internet service to customers in Eagle Mountain was not interrupted or affected in any way, and by Monday morning it was back to business as usual for our customer service staff.

Special thanks to our friends at Disaster Professionals in Eagle Mountain for responding so quickly and helping with the clean-up.


The ceiling above the front entrance to the building where the pipe froze. The surrounding drywall and ceiling panels had to be completely removed due to water damage.

IMG_2738 (00000002)

The elevator shaft was completely filled with water. This is after it was pumped out.


Floodwaters in the offices


Corner office


Floodwaters under the carpet in the icubator pads


Directcom Operations Manager Chuck McCown surveys the damage as Disaster Professionals dry out the hallway area.


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