New Corona Virus Phishing Email – Be Aware

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New Corona Virus Phishing Email – Be Aware

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New Corona Virus Phishing Email – Be Aware, Be Safe

Late Friday night March 27, 2020, new phishing email was spotted – warning the recipients that they have been exposed to the Coronavirus through personal contact with a “colleague/friend/family member” and directing them to download a malicious attachment and proceed immediately to the hospital.

This email is simple, succinct, and alarming. Moreover, it spoofs a hospital, lending additional credibility to this particular social engineering scheme, which is clearly designed to elicit a panicked response from readers and override any form of rational, measured thought.

The attached Excel file is billed as a “pre-filled” form that victims should bring with them to the hospital. In fact, that form is a malicious, macro-laden Office document that is at the time of this report detected by only a handful of major anti-virus applications. This malware’s capabilities are incredibly sophisticated and dangerous.

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