Netflix Partners with Directcom to Deliver Ultra HD in Eagle Mountain

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Netflix Partners with Directcom to Deliver Ultra HD in Eagle Mountain

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Netflix is now here in Eagle Mountain.

Netflix is now here in Eagle Mountain.

Directcom is pleased to announce that Netflix servers are now right here in Eagle Mountain. We have partnered with Netflix directly so that our broadband service in Eagle Mountain is Netflix Ultra HD (4K) enabled.

After several years of work, Direct Communications network techs were able to convince Netflix to place their servers right here in the Directcom central office in Eagle Mountain. This means that Directcom customers will not have to travel over the cloud to watch Netflix. Netflix is now here in Eagle Mountain.

This means that Directcom customers in Eagle Mountain will now be able to  watch movies and TV shows in Super HD and Ultra HD on  supported devices, if you subscribe to a fast enough  Internet speed package, and if you as a Netflix customer subscribe to their Ultra HD supported plan ($11.95 a month versus the regular $7.99 a month.) Your internet speed will need to be at least 8Mb/s download for HD quality and 25 megabits per second or higher for UltraHD. See

When Netflix first announced their Super HD network opportunity several years ago, Direct Communications attempted to sign up individually with Netflix as an Open Connect partner, but was unsuccessful at that time because Netflix required a larger customer count threshold before they would deploy their servers into the network. The temporary solution was to combine the customer numbers of all the Utah independents together, and Netflix was willing to partner with Utah Fiber Network to deploy servers on the regional network connecting all of rural Utah, and all Direct Communications customers in Eagle Mountain were able to benefit from being on the Netflix Open Connect network. This new step of colocating Netflix servers right here in Eagle Mountain means Netflix is even closer to you, even faster and more responsive, and content is always available instantly on our fiber network.

netflix All-DevicesWe at Direct Communications suggest at least 10Mbps available bandwidth for each  smart device or WiFi-enabled device in your home. ie: The 10Mb package will support one regular HD stream. If you want to stream video to multiple devices, plus have enough bandwidth to do other stuff online at the same time, please choose a premium speed package. If you have a large family, with a bunch of smart devices going at once, and have fiber available to you, you should be on at least the 75 Mbps or higher package, especially if you intend to enjoy Ultra HD video.

What’s the difference between Super HD and Ultra HD?

Netflix “Super HD” is at the same 1080p maximum resolution, but delivers a clearer picture by using more bandwidth (think high quality jpeg vs low quality jpeg that are the same resolution, but the one with better quality is a larger file). Super HD is thus better than regular HD, because of better encoding technology and a clear, smooth 1080p picture with less compression.

Ultra HD (also called 4K) is four times the resolution of regular HD, uses at least four times the bandwidth, and requires a new 4K television for proper viewing. Please note that Ultra HD 4K streaming through Netflix is only available on specific TV models and streaming devices. Please see Netflix help online for more details. Only Direct Communications has no monthly data caps so that you can stream as much 4K as you want. You will run into data overage problems with any other ISP if you stream in 4K.

Both Ultra and Super HD is only available via Internet Providers that are part of the Netflix Open Connect network. Our move onto the Open Connect Network was made technically possible by Netflix co-locating their servers on our fiber network. Each night, Netflix updates these servers with their highest demand content. Other providers cannot offer you this service–if you are serious about streaming video–Direct Communications fiber is your clear choice.

Netflix content closer to the end customer.

Darin Allgaier, Network Administrator  for Direct Communications in Eagle Mountain, explained the benefits by saying, “Bringing the Netflix content on Net has resulted in a drop in content latency and an overall enhanced online user experience for our customers.  Additionally, having the content on our network enables Directcom customers access to Netflix SuperHD, UltraHD and 3D content. Plus, since the video content is now hosted directly on our local fiber network, this eliminates any stress on the Internet backbone, since the Netflix streaming is now separated from any regular Internet traffic, which is good news for our network management and our customers. ”

Kip Wilson, General Manager for Directcom in Utah, says most importantly this will result in faster loading for customers while accessing Netflix content on our network. “There should be even less buffering, and less waiting for the interface to load, because the customer won’t have to travel all over the internet to choose or stream a movie—it’s right here on our fiber network in Eagle Mountain.”

fam-watching-netflixWhat do I need to stream Ultra HD?

At least 25 Megabits per second bandwitdh to spare  – Recommended for Ultra HD quality

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