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Free Router Tune Up

On June 9, 2015, Posted by , In Tech Support, By , With Comments Off on Free Router Tune Up

During the month of May, Directcom techs worked over several nights installing a new Cisco Core Network Router. This new Cisco core router will more than triple the network processing capacity from a previous 4 million packets per second to over 12 million packets per second. If that doesn’t mean much to you, know that Direct Communications can now handle over 120 Gig per second on the fiber network in Eagle Mountain.

However, since the installation, we have received several tech support requests from customers who have been having trouble with their routers. There does not seem to be any particular trend or pattern to these intermittent router problems–it has varied from DNS issues, to dropping the WiFi connection, to slow speeds, to some customers simply saying their connection has been acting “funny.” We have been dealing with this reports on a one-on-one basis as customers call in to tech support.

If you have been having troubles with your Internet connection since the system upgrade, please do not hesitate to call tech support at 801 789 4999. We will send a tech to your house to do a free Router Tune Up and check all your settings if we cannot fix it immediately over the phone.


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