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  The future of broadband technology.
Direct Communications Fiber Optic Broadband

Download Speed

Upload Speed
How Many Screens Can I Stream HD Video to at the Same Time? (Recommendation only)

20 Mbps


*everyday price

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Ultra-Duty, get it done connection for
large famlies who are using a lot of smart
devices. Quicker upload for gaming, posting
and sharing.

Free in-home WiFi. Free Internet Install.
Free Modem WiFi Router Combo.. No Caps. No Throttling. No limits. No Overages-ever!
Free epsn3 included

10 Mbps


*everyday price

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2 tvs streaming

Continual use and/or streaming to multiple

Free in-home WiFi. Free Internet Install.
Free Modem WiFi Router Combo. No Caps. No Throttling. No limits. No Overages-ever!
Free epsn3 included

6 Mbps


*everyday price

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one tv plus one pc

Stream and Surf: Stream one HD video plus
browse internet on another device at the same
time; shopping, surfing, banking, music etc.

Free in-home WiFi. Free Internet Install.
Free Modem WiFi Router Combo. No Caps. No Throttling. No limits. No Overages-ever!
Free epsn3 included

Internet Add-on Features  
Add Static IP address $10 /mo
In-home WiFi FREE (included with fiber optic service)

The Directcom Advantages Are Clear

The fastest connection speed in Southeast Idaho. We currently offer an unmatched 20 Mbps residential speed to our cable customers.

All of our cable network nodes are backed by Fiber Optic Cable. This results in a much more stable, reliable service, which means no downtime for you.

Only Directcom offers true Unlimited bandwidth with NO CAPS. We will never cap your data usage, or throttle your speeds. Stream as much video as you like without ever worrying about overages.


Only pay for the pure Internet service you really need.

Cable Broadband installation is FREE with a 1-year commitment. Plus get a free modem with a free built-in Wifi Router with a 1-year commitment.. That means NO upfront costs to get broadband today.

Why is Direct Communications better at streaming video than any wireless provider?

  1. Only Directcom offers truly unlimited bandwidth with no caps, so you can watch as much as you like, without worrying about data overage charges. 
  2. We are the only wired network in town.
  3. We offer speeds up to 1000Mb over fiber optic cable.
  4. We provide enough bandwidth power so you can watch multiple streams simultaneously on several different devices in your home.
  5. Our network is state-of-the-art fiber optic cable.
  6. Our speeds are consistent, and we typically provide the speed we advertise, not some "burstable" mythical speed that you can only get for a few seconds. 
  7. Unlike wireless providers, your bandwidth is not shared with your neighbors, so you can all stream video at the same time and not be affected by their usage. 
  8. We don't throttle your speeds if you stream too much.
  9. We don't put a cap on how much you are allowed to download each month. 
  10. Our fiber-optic cable connects you directly to the national fiber backbone, with no wireless links inbetween. 
  11. Wireless internet equipment simply wasn't built to handle constant high-demand applications like high-definition video very well. Our engineered Fiber network was designed to stream high-definition video. 
No data caps. No throttling. No limits.


New fully digital UPGRADE:
We are excited to announce that your cable TV signal has been recently upgraded from analog to digital. Your new digital signal will provide a clearer, higher quality image with less interference, so get ready to say goodbye to “snow” or “static.” If you have an older analog TV, you will need a set top box to convert the digital signal or upgrade to a digital TV. Click for more information to determine whether your TV is ready for digital.
Download a printable line-up card here.
Digital Expanded Cable Line Up
$46.95 for 100 Channels -All HD Included FREE
2.2 RFD TV 24.1 ESPN U HD 64.1 NBC Sports HD
3.11 KIDK-CBS HD 25.1 ESPN News HD 65.1 NFL Network HD
4.1 KTVX-ABC HD 26.1 ESPN HD 66.1 CBS Sprots HD
4.2 MeTv 27.1 ESPN 2 HD 67.1 Golf HD
4.3 Weather 28.2 ESPN Classic 68.1 FX HD
5.1 KSL-NBC HD 29.1 ROOT Sports HD 69.2 Spike
5.2 Cozi TV 30.1 TNT HD 70.1 Tru TV HD
5.3 Ksl Wx 31.1 TBS HD 71.2 BBC America
6.11 KPVI-NBC HD 32.1 A&E HD 72.1 Disney JR HD
6.12 Cozi TV 33.1 History HD 73.1 UP HD
7.1 QVC HD 34.2 Cartoon 74.2 OWN
7.11 KUED HD 35.2 Boomerrang 75.2 C-Span
7.12 KUED World 36.2 Family 76.2 HEADLINE
7.13 KUED  V-me 37.2 Disney 77.1 ION HD
8.11 KIFI-ABC HD 38.2 Nickeloden 95.2 CNBC 
8.12 Telemondo 39.2 TV Land 96.2 MSNBC
8.13 CW 40.1 Gameshow HD 97.2 LOCAL
8.14 ABC News Now 41.1 DIY HD 98.2 CHAT TV
9.1 KPIX-Fox HD 42.1 HGTV HD 99.1 TV Guide HD
10.11 KISU-PBS HD 43.2 MTV 99.2 TV Guide
10.12 KISU Plus 44.2 GAC
10.13 KISU Create 45.2 VH-1
10.14 KISU World 46.2 CMT
11.1 KBYU-PBS HD 47.1 USA HD
11.3 KBYU Inter. 48.1 Syfy HD
12.1 KUWB-CW HD 49.2 E!
12.3 Retro TV 50.2 Comedy
13.1 KSTU-FOX HD 51.1 Food HD
13.2 Antenna TV 52.1 Bravo HD
14.1 KJZZ-IND HD 53.2 Animal
15.1 BYU TV HD 54.1 Nat Geo HD
16.1 WGN HD 55.2 Hallmark 
17.2 Weather 56.2 WE
18.1 FOX NEWS HD 57.2 AMC
19.1 CNN HD 58.2 TCM
20.2 DISCOVERY 59.2 Movie Plex
21.2 TLC 60.1 Fox Movies HD
22.1 LIFETIME HD 61.1 FS1 HD
23.1 TRAVEL HD 62.2 Sportsman
63.1 Outdoor HD
Digital Expanded Cable Line Up (if Using Tivo/DVR/Digital Box)
102 RFD TV 140 Gameshow HD 177 ION HD
104 KTVX-ABC HD 142 HGTV HD 179 5.3 Wx
105 KSL-NBC HD 143 MTV 180 4.3 Wx
106 KPVI-NBC HD 144 GAC 181 4.2 MeTV
107 QVC HD 145 VH-1 182 13.2 Antenna TV
108 KIFI-ABC HD 146 CMT 183 5.2 Cozi TV
109 KFXP-FOX HD 147 USA HD 184 6.3 Cozi TV
110 KISU-PBS HD 148 Syfy HD 185 8.3 CW
111 KBYU-PBS HD 149 E! 186 Retro Tv
112 KUWB-CW HD 150 Comedy 187 8.2 Telemondo
113 KSTU-FOX HD 151 Food HD 188 7.3 KUED V-me
114 KJZZ-IND HD 152 Bravo HD 189 11.3 KYBU Inter.
115 BYU TV HD 153 Animal 190 10.2 KISU Plus
116 WGN HD 154 Nat Geo HD 191 10.3 KISU Create
117 Weather 155 Hallmark  192 10.4 KISU World
118 FOX NEWS HD 156 WE 193 7.2 KUED World
119 CNN HD 157 AMC 194 ABC News Now
121 TLC 159 Movie Plex 196 MSNBC
122 LIFETIME HD 160 Fox Movies HD 197 LOCAL
123 TRAVEL HD 161 FS1 HD 198 CHAT TV
124 ESPN U HD 162 Sportsman 199 TV Guide HD
125 ESPN News HD 163 Outdoor HD
126 ESPN HD 164 NBC Sports HD
127 ESPN 2 HD 165 NFL Network HD
128 ESPN Cassic 166 CBS Sprots HD
129 ROOT Sports HD 167 Golf HD
130 TNT HD 168 FX HD
131 TBS HD 169 Spike
132 A&E HD 170 Tru TV HD
133 History HD 171 BBC America
134 Cartoon 172 Disney JR HD
135 Boomerrang 173 UP HD
136 Family 174 OWN
137 Disney 175 C-Span
138 Nickeloden 176 HEADLINE
139 TV Land
Basic Analog Cable Line Up
Channel Station    
2 RFD-TV    
3 KIDK CBS    
4 KTVX ABC    
5 KSL NBC    
6 KPVI NBC    
7 Quality Value Convenience    
8 KIFI ABC    
9 KXPI FOX    
10 KISU PBS    
11 KBYU PBS    
12 KUCW CW    
13 FOX 13    
14 KJZZ IND    
15 BYUTV    
16 WGN Superstation (Chicago)    
17 The Weather Channel    
18 Fox News    
19 CNN    
20 Discovery Channel    
21 Learning Channel    
22 Lifetime    
23 Travel Channel    
You must rent a digital receiver or TiVO DVR to access these.
Digital Basic  $0 Digital Plus  $12
Digital HBO  $16 Digital Starz!  $12
Digital Showtime  $16  
Digital Movie Combo 1  $30 Digital Movie Combo 2  $26
Digital Movie Combo 3  $26 Digital Total Movies  $41
Digital Total  $53 Digital channels require digital receiver rental of $6.95 per month.
Digital Voice

Unlimited Local & Unlimited Long Distance Calling included.

Keep your existing home phone number.

Regular retail price: $24.95 a month.

What is Direct Digital Voice?
Digital home phone service from Direct Communcations, a real telephone company.

How does it work?
You plug your existing home phone into the supplied VOIP-enabled cable modem, dial as usual, and we do the rest. We send your phone call digitally, over your high-speed internet connection. You may even keep your exising home phone number.

Is it reliable?
We use all IP phones at our own telephone company headquarters to provide telephone service to each employee desk. Not only is it reliable, but with so many advanced features, like voicemail to email, online call screening, call management, and one-click calling, it makes using the phone fun again.

How much will I save?
You could save over $400 a year on your home phone bill.


Direct Digital Voice Web Portal

Customer Quick Start Guide

Calling Features User Guide

Voicemail User Guide

NOTE: You will need a high-speed Internet connection to use Direct Vois phone service.

$30 one-time activation fee.
A 1-year commitment is required. ATA/modem will be provided free with a one-year service commitment.

"Unlimited Long Distance calling" may have usage limits. Directcom and it's wholesale partners reserve the right to deny or cancel service to customers who abuse this service by using far more than typical residential customers.

Direct Vois Broadband Phone Service: Service not available in all areas. Prices do not include taxes, incremental charges and surcharges. Some features incompatible with others. Subject to applicable restrictions and service agreements. Direct Vois Broadband Phone Service: Service (including 911 calling) will not function during a power outage and may not function during network congestion. Use of 911 service permitted only at a Direct Communications-local phone exchange service address, otherwise 911 calls will not route directly to a 911 operator. Customers should secure an alternative to 911 service.

Read full VOIP contract and disclosure here.




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