Direct Communications Brings 100% Fiber Optics Straight To Your Business.

Direct Communications is the premiere fiber optic network in southeast Idaho. Thanks to Direct Communications, even small businesses in Southeast Idaho can enjoy world-class fiber telecommunications services. View anchor institutions in Idaho who choose Direct Communications Fiber.

2business-womenWhat Can Our Fiber Optic Network Do For Your Business?

Unlimited Bandwidth

Direct Communications has direct fiber optic connectivity to all the major international carriers from Boise to Salt Lake City. This provides your business the option of multi-Gigabit fiber Ethernet connections to anywhere you would like your data to go. Choose any speed you like, up or down. It is total fiber all the way.

Redundancy & Reliability

Direct Communications has deployed multiple redundant fiber optic routes to connect your local fiber optic network to the world. This means that if the fiber optic route that your business’ important data travels over is cut, instantly the traffic will be seamlessly routed on one of the other routes. This means no down time for you, and ensures the protection and integrity of your business’ telecommunications information.

Local Management & Support

All decisions for Direct Communications are made by local
southeast Idaho owners and managers, with whom you can directly sit and discuss your telecommunications needs. We are fast, flexible, responsive, dynamic and easy to work with.

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Up to 10 Gig Broadband Internet or Ethernet Connections

Experience the sheer power of fiber-optic broadband with symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gig per second. Only DirectCom can give you the consistent speed and reliability you need to run your business.

Hosted IP Enterprise Phone System

Bring your business into the 21st century with our surprisingly affordable hosted IP phone system that can be customized for any size office, whether you need 2 or 200 phones for your employees. Fully hosted features mean you can take your mobile office anywhere.

Network Engineering and Wiring

Use our expertise to handle network installation for voice, data, video, security and wireless solutions at your office. Let us design a system that will suit your needs.

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To see if Directcom High Speed Fiber service is available near your business, please click on the “view larger map” icon on the top right bar of the network map below, and enter your address in Google maps. We will build to your business from our existing network as long as we can make it fit within a reasonable cost recovery model. Some aid to construction investment from you may be required to get fiber to your location.



We are a locally-owned Idaho fiber broadband company. We have been an Idaho family-owned business since 1954.

We are builders and pioneers, with a vision to improve the communications infrastructure throughout Southeast Idaho by connecting businesses, anchor institutions, and towns and delivering improved services via our state-of -the-art fiber optic network.

Continuous investment in superior, more reliable fiber technology, rapid and responsive expansion of our fiber network, and an absolute commitment to personal customer service.

If you are looking for better treatment from your communications service provider, connect with Direct today.

For example, we were:
First to provide high-speed Fiber to the home in southeast Idaho.
First to implement a digital switch in Idaho.
First to use fiber optic cable in telephone communications network in Southeast Idaho.
First to provide high-speed Internet to rural southeast Idaho.
First IP switch in Southeast Idaho.
First to offer satellite in Southeast Idaho.
One of the first cellular offerings in Idaho.
Helped build the first and only state-wide fiber optic cable ring network.

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The Fiber Optic Advantages Are Clear

The fastest connection speed known to man. We currently offer an unmatched 1000 Mbps residential speed to our fiber customers.

Fiber to the home uses a pure ethernet connection back to your ISP, without needing intermediate equipment like a modem. This results in a much more stable, reliable service, which means no downtime for you. Fiber to the home virutally eliminates most equipment issues, and downtime typically experienced by internet subscribers.

Unlimited carrying capacity means NO CAPS. The bandwidth, like speed is only limited by the processing power of the electronics on each end of the fiber. We will never cap your data usage, or throttle your speeds. Stream as much video as you like without ever worrying about overages.

Unlike copper, there is no resistance in the fiber optic cable, so the signal can travel much further distances. This means we can now serve even the most remote customers with the same consistent service no matter where where you live.

Because it’s literally light being transmitted, there is no interference from electromagnetic noise such as neighbor’s routers, appliances, radios, motors, power lines, or other nearby cables. This means a clearer signal and better broadband connection for you. Even lighting strikes, which can be transmitted by copper cabling, are not transmitted by fiber-optic cable.

Fiber optic cables costs less to maintain than traditional copper lines, saving us all time and money.

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Anchor Institutions in Southeast Idaho who choose Direct Communications Fiber:



Aberdeen School District Aberdeen Middle School

Aberdeen High School

Aberdeen Elementary School

Bear Lake School District Bear Lake High School

Bear Lake Middle School

Clover Creek High School

A.J. Winters Elementary School

Paris Elementary School

Georgetown Elementary School

Grace School District Grace High School

Grace Elementary School

North Gem School District North Gem Senior High School
Preston School District Preston High School

Preston Junior High

Oakwood Elementary

Pioneer Elementary

Franklin County High School

Rockland School District Rockland Public School
West Side Joint School District West Side High School

Beutler Middle School

Arbon School Dist. 383 Arbon Elementary School
Marsh Valley School District Marsh Valley High School

Marsh Valley Middle School

Mountain View Elementary

Inkom Elementary

Downey Elementary

Lava Elementary

University Of Idaho Its Research Station Aberdeen



Downey Public Library

Rockland Public Library

Aberdeen Public Library

Bear Lake County Library

Larson-Sant Public Library – Preston

Lava Public Library

Grace Dist. Library



Bear Lake Memorial Hospital

Franklin County Medical Center

Power County Hospital

Health West Clinics – Aberdeen, Downey, Lava Hot Springs, Preston

Eye Care Preston

Bear Lake Community Health Center

Oregon Trail Eye Care

Bingham County Humane Society

Shelley Veterinary Hospital

Idaho Falls Veterinary

Franklin County Medical Center-Naylor Building

Groll Family Fitness

Bear Lake Dental

Stokes Dental

Eye Care For You

Larsen Dental/ Caribou Memorial Hospital

Redford Counseling & Family Service

Larry’s Family Pharmacy

Dr’s Country Health

Wallace Drug

Pocatello Children’s Clinic



Bear Lake County Building

Paris City Hall

Aberdeen City Hall

Aberdeen Sheriff Department

Montpelier City Hall

Montpelier Sheriff’s Office

City Of Grace

Downey City Hall

City Of Mccammon

Bear Lake Park Idaho State Dept. Of Parks

Bear Lake Regional Commission

Bloomington City

City Of St. Charles

Bancroft City Shop

Preston City

Franklin County  Office

Montpelier Fire Department

Idaho Transportation Department- Inkom, American Falls, Montpelier, Downey, Mccammon, Preston

Rockland Fire District

Massacre Rocks State Park

Bear Lake Wild Bird Sanctuary

Rockland Post Office

Paris Post Office

Arbon Post Office

Power County Hwy. District

Bear Lake County Hwy. District

Bear Lake County Courthouse

Rockland City Hall

Downey Fire Department


Media Outlets

Idaho State Journal

Power County Press

Aberdeen Times

Preston Citizen

Montpelier News Examiner

Kbvr Soda Springs

Ksvi Montpelier


Carriers/Internet Service Providers






Syringa Networks

Safelink Internet -WISP

Always On Internet – WISP


Education Networks of America

Digis/Rise Broadband – WISP

Last Mile Wireless – WISP


Anchor  Commercial/Retail

Simplot: Aberdeen, American Falls

Zions Bank

Driscoll Potatoes Inc

Broulims Market-Montpelier

Stokes Market – Preston And Aberdeen

Paris Hills Agri-Com Mining Company

Rocky Mountain Power

Northstar Dairy

Matthews Mortuary

Plaza Motel

Lance Funk Farms

Koompin Farms

Peoples Utah Bancorp

Treasure Canyon Calcium

Heritage Homes

Stone Gate Agricom

Bear Lake West Poa

Koompin Brothers Farms

Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Call Farms

Kelly’s Convenience Stores

Napa Auto Parts

Valley Implement

Aberdeen-Springfield Canal Co.

Naylor Insurance Inc

Northern Title Company Of Idaho

3c Grill

Valley Wide Fertilizer Plant

West Motor Company

Northstars Ultimate Outdoor

Diamond D Farms

Valley Implement

Flags West Truck Stop

Plastic Industries

Live Free

SEIUS Credit Union

Advantage Plus Credit Union

County line Farms

Religious Community

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints – Rockland, Bear Lake, Arbon, Liberty

Grace Bible Church

Rockland LDS Seminary

Aberdeen LDS Seminary


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