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Residential Unlimited Local Landline Phone

Basic line – $25.76* (per month)

2nd & 3rd line – $25.76* (per month)


Basic Business Line – $42.00*

2nd & 3rd line -$42.00*

*excluding taxes and surcharges


per minute rate
Monthly Base
Anytime, anywhere continental USA
Anytime, anywhere continental USA
interstate, 12.5c intrastate

10 reasons to keep your home phone

Thinking of giving up your home phone? Before you cut the cord, consider these reasons why most Americans still consider a home phone to be indispensable to the safety and happiness of their family.

1. The satellite TV providers will charge you an extra $6 a month if you can’t plug in your satellite receiver to a landline phone jack. You will have problems ordering programming and many TV features won’t work.

2. Most home security systems rely on your home phone line to instantly alert security companies about threats to the home from burglary or fire.

3. Conversations are not dropped because of poor signal quality.

4. Local 911 services have the caller’s exact location when a caller calls from a landline due to your home phone’s direct connection with the 911 network. Emergency services may not find you on a cell phone.

5. Your fiber optic line is the most reliable, secure and fastest way to deliver high-speed internet to your home. Save up to $32 a month when you bundle your phone and DSL or Fiber Optic Broadband service with Direct Communications.

6. Your home phone provides unlimited local calling and affordable long distance. No counting minutes or expensive penalties for going over your allotted time.

7. No surprises on your phone bill—you know what it will be each month so can manage your household budget more effectively.

8. A home phone is easy and cheap to buy and replace. Cell phones are very expensive, and the usual accompanying contracts extremely costly to you in the long run.

9. Your home phone service has its own power backup, so will keep working during extended power blackouts. (Make sure you also keep a simple phone in the home that doesn’t require batteries to operate in case of power outages.) A Voip phone won’t work in a power outage, and your cell phone battery will go dead eventually.

10. Direct Communications is your local company and is completely committed to our rural community. Your local phone dollars are all channeled directly back to building up and improving your local rural Idaho communications infrastructure. Don’t send your phone dollars out southeast Idaho to be sucked up by wireless mega-corporations. Do they really care what happens to your town?

Call 208 548 2345
to request phone service today

Direct Communications is the local phone service provider for:

St Charles
Fish Haven
Bear lake West

Direct Communications Public Notice

Direct Communications provides the following basic telecommunications services throughout its designated service area:

●        Single-party voice-grade service with connectivity to the public switched network;

●        Local exchange service including local usage free of per-minute charges;

●        Dual tone multi-frequency signaling;

●        Single party revertive calling;

●        Access to emergency services;

●        Access to operator services;

●        Access to directory assistance;

●        Toll blocking, 900 and 976 number blocking, and extended community calling blocking options without charge to qualified low-income customers.

Basic services are offered at the following rates:

Single-Party Residence Service                                                      $25.76/month*

Single-Party Business Service                                                         $42/month*
Residential Federal Subscriber Line Charge – Single Line              $6.50/month
Business Federal Subscriber Line Charge – Multi Line                    $9.20/month
Residential Touch Tone Service- No Charge
Business Touch Tone Service – No Charge

*The above rates do not include charges for long distance, operator services, Directory Assistance, 911 emergency service, or other state and federal, state or local taxes and fees.

Discounts are available to low-income customers who qualify for participation in Lifeline and Link-Up telephone assistance programs.  For information concerning these programs, please call Direct Communications at 208 548 2345 or visithttp://www.usac.org/li/