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Upgrade to High Speed Internet Today & Save BigHi, Friend, let's share $100.
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Tell your friends about the superior quality of Direct Communications Broadband.
When your friend signs up* for Direct Communications Broadband, you will receive a $100 credit on your next internet bill, and they will receive a month of internet service FREE. Refer as many friends as you like—you may never have to pay for internet service again.

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Please click on the submit button to send us your contact information. No referral program credit can be given without 1-year commitment on part of new customer. This card must be returned within 30 days of the new install to receive credit for a referral. We cannot give credit after the fact. Credit to your account can take up to 60 days to process . Only applies to broadband services hosted on Direct Communications networks. Direct Communications reserves the right to deny any referral credit claim or change or discontinue referral program at any time.

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