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Fiber Through American Falls

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In 2016 Direct Communications, expanded its fiber network through the western part of American Falls to cross over the American Falls dam. 1 Gigabit per second Fiber service was made available to commercial customers along the new fiber route in American Falls, which was an unprecedented opportunity for businesses in American Falls. The first fiber route  brought fiber from Direct Communications main fiber hut along the Rockland Highway, then under Interstate 86, and then along McKinley street, past the high school, winding through some residential neighborhoods until  the dam wall. The fiber then follows hwy 39 across the dam, to serve business on the other side and then all the way along the highway to Aberdeen to connect with the existing fiber infrastructure in Aberdeen, where Directcom is the local cable company and broadband provider.

The next project in American Falls was to take fiber to the Power County Hospital District. This presented a new challenge because the hospital was on the other side of town from the fiber going to the dam. Directcom constructed new fiber from the Power County Emergency Services building to the main Power County Hospital, while also constructing new fiber to several other hospital district sites around town, including the clinic and physical therapy offices, in order to build a local area network for the district. This fiber project brought fiber Internet access to businesses throughout the downtown American Falls area for the first time ever, and several local businesses immediately signed on for fiber services, including CHS and Driscolls. Directcom will always recognize that this positive economic development impact on the area was made possible through the commitment and  vision of Power County Hospital District Administrator, Dallas Clinger and IT Admin Jason Povey. We would also like to thank the mayor, city council, and employees at the City of American Falls, and the Power County Commissioners, Sheriffs Department, and Di Jones at the Power County Ambulance District, for their positive contributions to the project and fantastic cooperation.

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