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This Week is Your Last Chance to Migrate Your or Email

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Back in March 2015 we announced the End of life for Directcom-hosted email service. This week is your last chance to migrate, import, or archive your old or email if you have not already done so. 

For several years, we provided Google-hosted email service to our customers, branded as an or address.  Due to a decision by Google to no longer offer wholesale email services to ISPs, Direct Communications will no longer be able to offer Directcom-branded google email to our customers.

At the end of June, accounts of customers  that did not  migrate their email were deactivated. We have recently received a few requests from Eagle Mountain customers, asking for access to their old email. In these cases, we have to request that the email vendor reactivate the account, and then the customer can log in and import their mail. If you have not yet imported your email from your old and accounts into a new Gmail account, or already migrated to the new powerxmail platform, this week is your last chance to save those emails. All legacy email accounts will be permanently deleted by Google at the end of July 2015. We will not be able to reactivate or access any accounts after Friday July 31, 2015. That email will be gone forever.

If you have already taken action and migrated or imported your old emails, good job–no further action is required. If we temporarily reactivated your email account recently so that you could archive or import your old emails, please ensure you have imported your mail to a new gmail account by the end of July.

If you need any help accessing your legacy email please call 801 789 2800, and we can temporarily reactivate that account until the end of July. For instructions on how to import your old mail from your or account into a new free Gmail account click here. 

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