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Voice Options
Emergency Phone (ePhone) Free with broadband subscription
Residential Unlimited Local Land Line $16.50
Business Unlimited Local Land Line $27
Unlimited Local VoIP $4.95
Long Distance Options
1000 minutes Long Distance $29.95
10 cents per minute $0
*All prices listed exclude applicable taxes and fees.

What is ePhone?

FREE Home Phone service.
Pay only the taxes and fees associated with landline phone service. (about $17)

What is e-phone?
Emergency landline phone service. This is a regular landline, but without the unlimited calling. We have introduced this new phone option as a way to lower your cost for broadband internet service (which is what people are really interested in today). If you sign up for e-phone, we can give you a discount on your DSL, because the ephone qualifies you for discounted broadband service over your fiber or copper line.

What if I don’t want a phone at all?
We understand most young families do not want to pay for a land line phone anymore. You already have a mobile phone. ePhone is our solution to bring you reliable wired broadband at the absolute lowest possible total cost. As a federally regulated company, the FCC requires that all broadband services be bundled with a qualifying land line phone. (No, we don’t agree with it either, but we all live by the rule of law in order to enjoy  fiber optic cable in remote places like Eagle Mountain.) If you choose standalone DSL or Fiber broadband service, the minimum monthly charge for standalone is $129. So, it is far more cost-effective to bundle your broadband with the emergency phone, than order broadband without phone service.

What do I get with e-phone?
Unlimited 911 calling.
500 minutes incoming calling.
10 minutes local outgoing calling.
Unlimited calls to the phone office.
Directory assistance.
Operator Service.
Overage minutes are only 10c per minute. (Compare that to your cell phone.)
Ability to make long-distance calls. (At regular long-distance rates.)

What does e-phone cost?
The phone service is free with broadband internet service. All you pay are the taxes and fees associated with regular landline phone service. These fees and taxes will total about $17.

What are the benefits of e-phone?
Get the fastest broadband service in Eagle Mountain at a lower price because it’s in a bundle.
Peace of mind knowing you will have a phone that works in an emergency.
911 services will find your home.
A local 789 home phone number to give out when you don’t want to list your mobile phone number.
A safety phone for your kids and babysitter to use from your home.
Incoming calling minutes to offset high usage on your cell phone plan.

What will my total bill look like for internet plus ephone including all taxes?

Example of a customer subscribing to 30Mb fiber broadband plus ephone, including all taxes and fees: (Illustration purposes only).

E-Phone & 30Mb Broadband Bundle
500 incoming, 10 mins local outgoing access  $    1.00
Federal SLC charge  $    6.50
EAS (Extended Area Service)  $    2.50
Federal USF  $    0.66
Municipal Tax  $    0.12
State Sales Tax 6.75%  $    1.62
Federal Excise Tax 3%  $    0.61
City Francise Fee 3%  $    0.61
State USF  $    0.18
TRS  $    0.06
State 911 Surcharge  $    0.08
Enhanced 911 Public Safety Surcharge  $    0.61
UT Poison Control Fee  $    0.07
land line phone Subtotal  $  14.62
30Mb Broadband Subscription  $  29.95
DSL USF charge  $    2.35
Customer out-of-pocket TOTAL (including taxes)  $  46.92

These charges are approximate and will vary because taxes are based on a % of total retail services amount.