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Voice Options
Digital Voice – Unlimited Local & Unlimited Long Distance $15
Emergency Phone (ePhone) Free excluding taxes (Currently about $23)
Residential Unlimited Local Land Line $16.50 excluding taxes
Business Unlimited Local Land Line $27 excluding taxes
Regular Long Distance Options
1000 minutes Long Distance $29.95
10 cents per minute $0
*All prices listed exclude applicable taxes and fees.

What is Digital Voice?

  • Solid home phone service over your Fiber, loaded with great calling features, for only $15 a month.
  • Includes FREE, unlimited nationwide long-distance (to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states)
  • Responsive, personal phone service that you won’t receive from a larger national provider.
  • Competitive international calling rates.
  • The option to keep your existing phone number or obtain a new number.
  • Greater control over your phone: block the calls you don’t want, forward important calls to any other phone, or even check your voicemail from your email!
  • Huge savings each month versus a traditional local landline phone. Learn more…

What is e-phone?
Emergency landline phone service. This is a regular landline, but without the unlimited calling. Pay only the taxes and fees associated with landline phone service. (Currently about $23) We introduced this new phone option in 2009 as a way to lower your cost for broadband internet service (which in the past required a qualifying landline phone). However, new regulation has opened up a way for us to offer you fiber Internet without any accompanying landline phone service required. If you require home phone service, we recommend the new  Digital Voice – with Unlimited Local & Unlimited Long Distance for only $15.

What if I don’t want a phone at all?
Subscribe to Simplifiber service–no phone required!

What do I get with e-phone?
Unlimited 911 calling.
500 minutes incoming calling.
10 minutes local outgoing calling.
Unlimited calls to the phone office.
Directory assistance.
Operator Service.
Overage minutes are only 10c per minute. (Compare that to your cell phone.)
Ability to make long-distance calls. (At regular long-distance rates.)

What does e-phone cost?
The phone service is free with broadband internet service. All you pay are the taxes and fees associated with regular landline phone service. These fees and taxes will total about $23.

What are the benefits of e-phone?
Peace of mind knowing you will have a phone that works in an emergency.
911 services will find your home.
A local 789 home phone number to give out when you don’t want to list your mobile phone number.
A safety phone for your kids and babysitter to use from your home.
Incoming calling minutes to offset high usage on your cell phone plan.

All listed charges are approximate and will vary because taxes are based on a % of total retail services amount.