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DSL Pricing

Download Speed Upload Speed Monthly Price
15 Mbps 1 Mbps $50
50 Mbps 3 Mbps $65

Now- no phone required. No Phone taxes. This is pure broadband. Installation is now only $50 with a 6-month commitment. The ” up to” 50Mbps means you will programmed in our switch to be able to go all the way to 50Mbps. Actual speeds may vary depending on the condition of the copper line to your home and internal wiring in your home. See more about copper lines here.
You may cancel service anytime for just $25 if you wish to end your contract early. Download and read the full DSL contract terms here.
Don’t want a contract? Installation is now only $125 with no contract and no commitment required.

DSL is still a premium wired internet service, served by fiber to each neighborhood node. If you are looking for the reliability, security, and consistency of a real wired Internet Service, with a dedicated connection just for you (not shared with your neighbors like wireless internet) DSL  is still your absolutely best option for High Speed Internet you can count on.

Features and Extras
Static IP address $15.00 /mo
Add’l DSL filters $5.00 ea.
DSL Modem & wireless router combo $79.95, or lease for only $5 a month.
For Commercial, Carrier, and Enterprise Pricing – please contact Sales Engineer Ben Hayes.

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