Meet Layne Moosman, Your Local Tech Support Specialist

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Meet Layne Moosman, Your Local Tech Support Specialist

Direct Communictions is pleased to welcome new Tech Support Specialist, Layne Moosman, an Eagle Mountain Utah local.

Layne is part of a new in-house, local tech support team, living in Eagle Mountain, and working from our office in Eagle Mountain Utah, and will support only Eagle Mountain customers. When we say local tech support, we really mean it. When you call tech support, you can talk to one of your neighbors who knows the network here. Directcom is bringing all tech support at all levels in-house, from the level one initial call to a possible customer residence visit, in order to provide a better integrated, and faster, smoother, support experience for Internet customers in Eagle Mountain.

Something about Layne, in his own words:

“I’m a huge music fan. I’m learning to play bass guitar. I love working with technology, especially programming. I love playing video games.

My favorite part of this job is; when you explain the problem to the customer then you can almost physically hear that click in their head. It’s cool to hear their voices change from being confused to that, “Ooooooohhh.” moment.”

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