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What We Do

We are a locally-owned Idaho fiber broadband company.

We are builders and pioneers, with a vision to improve the communications infrastructure throughout Southeast Idaho by connecting rural towns and delivering improved services via our state-of -the-art fiber optic network.

What makes us Idaho’s premiere fiber communications provider?
Continuous investment in superior, more reliable fiber technology, rapid and responsive expansion of our fiber network, and an absolute commitment to personal customer service.

If you are looking for better treatment from your communications service provider,
connect with Direct today.

This is Direct Communications

We believe that our communications services must enrich people’s lives and enhance their relationships.

We believe that every customer is important, and what each person has to say is meaningful.

We are dedicated to improving and building up the local communities we serve, and creating economic opportunities for people in rural communities.

We believe that our customers deserve the very best technology available, and know there is viable business in the small rural areas often neglected by larger companies.

We are leaders in independent communications, and pioneers in our industry.
For example, we were:
First to provide high-speed Fiber to the home in southeast Idaho.
First to implement a digital switch in Idaho.
First to use fiber optic cable in telephone communications network in Southeast Idaho.
First to provide high-speed internet to rural southeast Idaho.
First IP switch in Southeast Idaho.
First to offer DBS satellite in Southeast Idaho.
First to offer satellite internet in Southeast Idaho.
One of the first cellular offerings in Idaho.
Helped build the first and only state-wide fiber optic cable sonet network.

We bring big-city technology to small-town folks, and we will not compromise our small-town values.
Values such as:
Friendly customer service.

Direct Communications is headquartered in Rockland, Idaho, which is a rural town 40 miles southwest of Pocatello. We have been a family owned business since 1954.

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