20 Reasons to Choose Direct Communications

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20 Reasons to Choose Direct Communications

20 Reasons to Choose Direct Communications

  1. Fastest Speed in town, guaranteed. 
  2. More reliable service–the difference is our unique rural fiber optic network which is the best Internet backbone in the state.
  3. Free Install
  4. No upfront equipment costs
  5. NO Caps. NO Throttling. NO Limits. This means no data overages, ever.
  6. Local techs and managers who live in your small town and respond faster to your needs.
  7. Your dollars go right back into improving and building out the local network infrastructure in southeast Idaho, rather than going out of state.
  8. Netflix Super HD and Ultra HD.
  9. Free ESPN3
  10. Free WiFi
  11. We give back to your community, supporting schools, hospitals, 4H, sports and events that we in rural Idaho care about.
  12. We care because we Strive to be the Best
  13. Company stability – we have been a local family-owned business since 1954, and will be here for generations to come.
  14. No phone line needed (for cable Internet)
  15. Great Employees
  16. We are fair & honest in our dealings with our customers, employees, suppliers, and regulators.
  17. Nimble & Flexible due to our small size.
  18. We have more answers. We will strive to find answers even if it doesn’t fit into our current model.
  19. Consistent speeds. (See Fiber Optic Network.)
  20. We only serve rural southeast Idaho. You are our entire focus.


    Direct Communications employees at the 2014 company Christmas party.

Experience Direct Communications service for yourself and see the local difference. Stop sending your communications dollars out of state to big international corporations that don’t really care about rural Idaho. You can help improve life for everyone in rural Idaho by supporting local providers. Call us today at 208 548 2345 to connect with Directcom, your local broadband company.

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  1. […] Direct Communications supported the Power County 4H/FFA Livestock sale at the county fair in 2015, purchasing several animals raised by local kids. Direct Communications has a long tradition of supporting 4H, as part of our ongoing effort to give back to our rural communities: supporting schools, hospitals, 4H, school sports and events that we in rural Idaho care about. See 20 Reasons to Choose Direct Communications […]